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Joined: 3rd Aug 2018
Posted: 6th Aug 2018 09:22
I would like to welcome myself to this awesome gaming culture. My interest is writing and creating games, but I am new to Dark Basic. As soon as I learn everything there is to know about Dark Basic Pro you can expect me making some great games and creations. Alright, until then I will be munching on the code books.
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Joined: 16th Apr 2003
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Posted: 6th Aug 2018 15:04
In all honesty, I would recommended downloading AppGameKit and starting with that. DarkBasic is no longer under development, and though it has a lot of information out there for it and experienced users who can help answer questions (like me), AppGameKit is the current platform most of us are using. Plus it's still being actively updated.
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Posted: 6th Aug 2018 17:05
I'd echo that. Or...I could print it to screen...

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Dark Basic Pro is an excellent piece of software, but it is massively outdated now without much in the way of support and I think much of the Dark Basic community is behind us and I've not used it in so long, I'd probably need a refresher myself. AppGameKit takes a very similar approach to coding as Dark Basic Pro and would be just as easy to split into as it is pretty much its successor, with added crossplatform support and more modern and relevent features. And TGC is doing a good job keeping up support for it.
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Joined: 12th Feb 2018
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Posted: 28th Aug 2018 00:14
How's it going? There's a trial version of AppGameKit available to download here [], that should help you work out if it's for you or not. The full version is often generously discounted on Steam so keep an eye on the price there to ensure you don't miss out on a bargain! If you're looking for something to read to wrap your head around some of the concepts that need to be understood in order to really get the most out of AppGameKit then I'd recommend another Steam item called The Official AppGameKit Tutorial Guide (available in Volumes 1 & 2), there is also a download called The Official AppGameKit Beginners Guide but this is just a slimmed-down version of the previous guide. These guides are provided as PDFs and can easily be moved onto other devices should you want to read them away from the PC. Happy coding!
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