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Geek Culture / Discord server of TGCers

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Joined: 18th Oct 2007
Location: I`m under ur bridge eating ur goatz.
Posted: 18th Sep 2018 15:33
This server has been around for more than 2 years. Dar13, Yodaman Jer and myself are quite active there, I think DJD79 and Seppuku joined at one point but went quiet again.

Anyway, if you're interested in chatting about gamedev and TGC stuff, feel free to join:

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Chris Tate
DBPro Master
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Joined: 29th Aug 2008
Location: London, England
Posted: 21st Sep 2018 20:06
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Joined: 3rd Feb 2007
Location: Canada
Posted: 2nd Dec 2018 00:27
I'll try and connect some time soon.

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