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Newcomers DBPro Corner / [SOLVED] fps_game crush without messages

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Joined: 9th Apr 2013
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Posted: 27th Sep 2018 18:02 Edited at: 28th Sep 2018 12:42
write programs. running the compiler. bang. and departure without messages

can someone help you find a bug? I copied everything from scratch. nothing helps.

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Posted: 16th Oct 2018 13:50
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Just now saw this. Are you still having this problem? I didn't see anything obvious in the code that would cause it to do this. I don't have DarkClouds, so I assume all of those calls are correct. I would suggest you put in a breakpoint, so to speak, in the code to narrow down where the problem actually lies. For example, right before the do - loop, I would put in something like:

Assuming it compiles and runs ok, you just move it further down in the code. If not, move it up. You could also REM out certain function calls or blocks of code.

So many games to little time.

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