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Raspberry Pi / [Source] AGK Pi Servo Control

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Posted: 28th Oct 2018 02:36 Edited at: 28th Oct 2018 17:40
Its quiet here, so I post something!
h dang, I actually mean Stepper not Servos -y
misleading title, sry^^

Never had the need to control Stepper with AppGameKit? Here is the solution how to do it!

First you need some sort of stepper:

I took a Nema17 stepper that is made for 3d printers, they are available for about 8€.

The next thing is a controller. For my small motor, I could get a A4988 Controller for about 1€
at the A4988, connect everything like in the shematics, but reset and sleep should get constant 5V from the Raspberry Pi.
Also connect following pins from the A4988 to the Raspberry like this:
PinEnable = gpio:21
PinDir = gpio:26
PinStep = gpio:19
PinMs3 = gpio:13
PinMs2 = gpio:6
PinMs1 = gpio:5

Proov' of concept:

The Source Code for AGKPi:

And now you can control steppers with AppGameKit too
A raspberry can fully control over 5 A4988! (more, if you do not need to set the stepsize of the stepper) So there is no excuse why there is no AppGameKit CNC software.

If you executable compiled with AppGameKit wont start, try sudo rpi-update in the terminal, then reboot. It's how I got the current version of AppGameKit to work!



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Posted: 3rd Jan 2019 16:48 Edited at: 3rd Jan 2019 16:49
Whaaat !
Fist of great, now the world is at our feet (Die Welt liegt uns zu füßen)
Second I know you voice now : }

I already have a working 3D printer with octopi and that stuff now I'm thinking about ordering more motors and drivers only to play with AGK

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