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Geek Culture / Long live HD-DVD!

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Posted: 7th Nov 2018 18:07 Edited at: 7th Nov 2018 18:21
I knew there were a few HD players out there for PC. I had no idea LG made a bluray combo HD drive! Bought one on ebay last week. LG GGC-H20L
Oh and it even has litescribe lol

Why? Because I still have a small collection of HD discs.
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Posted: 7th Nov 2018 21:03
Quote: "I had no idea LG made a bluray combo HD drive! "

Neither did I and I worked for them for over 5 years lol. Well I knew about litescribe, but then they were discontinued for the UK market, which is probably why I didn't know much about them.

Though I that is pretty cool, it is a pain when a new technology is out and there is no "standard" yet, which is why I try to avoid being an early adopter, but then somebody has to be, or the manufacturers will think it's a failure and discontinue it.

4k ended up being another, when that came out the copy protection technology was kinda in the air and then when everything ended up requiring HDCP 2.2 and those he bought their 4k TV's before there was a HDCP 2.2 standard, they ended up loosing out on a lot of 4k content or in the case for TV's, fork out extra to get it upgraded. It also means that I can't watch much 4k on my monitor, which isn't HDCP 2.2, whilst it isn't 4k either, 4k content still looks amazing on a 1440p screen.

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