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Android / AGK Really Needs To Reduce APK Size Created

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Posted: 17th Nov 2018 17:25 Edited at: 17th Nov 2018 17:26
I know this topic has been raised many times in the past (at least a few times in 2015, 2017 and 2018 for similar subject matter), but I want to raise this again in hopes that this can bee looked at am improved in a near future version of AGK.

As mentioned previously, a compile/export of a bare bones project takes at least 15MB (if not more).

It would be great if we can have the option to pick which modules (not talking architecture here - although that would be even better) to inlcude, or ideally, for the compiler/exported to automatically determine the required modules to include.

That's my winge - feel free to berate me for asking too much

Edit: I'm only referring to Tier 1 here.
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Posted: 20th Nov 2018 09:45
Which other engines have you found that use less? Personally I think AGk is pretty good - unity uses 25mb for an empty app.
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Posted: 18th Feb 2019 02:31
yep, have the same idea though it's like the world matter, and i dont expect them to change in the near future.

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