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iOS and MacOS / Tier 2 Adding Steam to AGK Mac Template

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Posted: 23rd Dec 2018 02:28 Edited at: 31st Aug 2019 22:26
EDIT: I been working on this. When I think I got it working I run into another issue. But I finally got it working. I have uploaded an AppGameKit MacOS game to steam and successfully launched and played it

I'm still learning MacOS, but I have been able to link the steam lib to the AppGameKit Mac Template. If your wanting to publish to steam this should help.

1 Install Xcode from App Store and download and Install “Command_Line_Tools” from

2 Install Steam and then install AGK

3 Launch AppGameKit and install Tier 2 files.

4 Copy “template_mac” to “template_steam”

5 Extract Steam SDK in the “template_steam” directory.

6 Open Xcode and load “template_steam”

7 open settings from agkinterpreter / Build Settings

8 Add to “Header Search Paths” : “sdk/public/steam”

9 Set "Runpath Search Paths" to “@executable_path/../Resources/media”

10 Turn off App Sandbox. This will allow the game to detect if steam is running.

11 Copy the file "sdk/redistributable_bin/osx32/libsteam_api.dylib" to "template_steam"

12 open a console and go to folder: “template_steam” and run these commands:

>install_name_tool -id "@rpath/libsteam_api.dylib" libsteam_api.dylib
>codesign libsteam_api.dylib -f -s "Your Certificate Name"

Your Certificate Name is the data in settings under Signing Certificate. Example "Mac Developer: (12345)"

13 Make a copy of libsteam_api.dylib from "template_steam" and place it in "template_steam/media" folder.

14 drag libsteam_api.dylib into the projects Frameworks in the project navigator

15 Change Template.cpp to:
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Posted: 9th May 2019 14:42
Thanks for the helpers Parry
but can you please learn to place code in comment blocks in the future I have edited it this time
its much easier to read and easier for people who wish to try the code they just need to click copy
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fubarpk on googleplay..

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