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FPSC Classic Product Chat / FPSC Game Jam

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Joined: 22nd Nov 2018
Location: Greater Poland, Poland
Posted: 28th Dec 2018 09:36 Edited at: 28th Dec 2018 09:37
I'm writing this a bit late since the jam started like 10 hours ago.
I had an idea to make a gamejolt jam for FPSC games. 7 days to make an entertaining FPSC game. All FPSC moves allowed.
X9 or X10.
Vanilla or Modded.
v1 or 1.20 beta.
Custom models or built-in.
Short or Long.
No storyline or storyline.
It just has to be entertaining.

thinking about this now nobody will enter this because everybody is busy but still its interesting to try
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Joined: 10th Jul 2017
Posted: 2nd Jan 2019 21:32
Yes I always wanted to sponsor a Jam myself but without worthy prizes no one will compete just for fun anymore

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