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Android / agk mobile edition bugs

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Posted: 12th Jan 2019 02:39 Edited at: 12th Jan 2019 16:49
I've noticed a few problems when using AppGameKit mobile
AGK will error when trying to get an image from the back buffer it asks for permission for the camera which seems an irrelevant permission to access ram. failure to compile when drawing a Sprite I get the error Sprite zero does not exist but I can comment out any Sprite related command and I still receive the error once I have called it whether it is commented or not. andriod 8.0.0 motoe5 plus. agk 1.2.0 edit: compiled again with no code change error: sprite 12480 does not exist. 2 sprite commands used but they are commented out. and 12480 exists nowhere in my code. i absolutely love the idea of mobile programming since im on the go and rarley have pc time can work on my projects here and there. would like to see agk mobile a viable tool one day.

copying several lines of text scrolls to top of code very difficult to move chunks of code while working. also the option to use a different keyboard would be a big bonus. also the ability to toggle autosave. seems to be unusable currently with the sprite and image problems also copy and paste only work from inside agk. pasting externally to text or email produces completely different code.

Update!! been searching forms and the playstore seems most problems are related to moto 4 and 5 from what i can tell
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