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Work in Progress / [LOCKED] New rpg game coming up!

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Joined: 27th Apr 2018
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Posted: 14th Jan 2019 11:18
Hello everyone. A while ago I posted a thread addressing some of the loading issues I have with fpsc. After multiple months of trying to fix the issues I've decided to just make it episodic. Meaning if you buy the game for example you will actually get two. Exe files. So in theory two games, but it's episode 1 and episode 2.



The game is about a prince finding its way into a huge castle to defeat or adress a demonic priest to undo his curse that he has drawn upon the land. The land is cursed because of yet unknown actions of the king. You will wander through large rooms, mazes and even outside areas, gardens and cave systems. Custom music and design eventhough I wanted to keep the fpsc feel. You will encounter many enemies and weapons. It's medieval so you will start off with a crossbow and work your way up. You can find many lore books along the way explaining the back story. There will be alot of different secrets with items or chooses to make what items you want. It's 4 really large maps and then two episodes so in theory 8. Because the episodes are seperate you could skip the first 4 maps.. Maybe someone has a fix for this?

I will post some pics and a trailer tonight!

Cheers, mt major.

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