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Work in Progress / Roleplay comunity game

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Joined: 14th Jan 2019
Posted: 14th Jan 2019 17:05
hello I'm Jamie I'm a university student studying games art,
I'm looking to find like-minded individuals to help me work on a project creating the next best game with VR Support, I'm looking for people who are experienced in 3d max or any other 3d modelling software,
the map and vegetation is already set up its looking really nice, I'm also starting a kickstart campaign to fund the project, to be honest my dream was to make the next best title but I've started It and
I've realised its too much work for one person add me up on discord : ........ lets make something awesome .


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Joined: 23rd Nov 2005
Location: Switzerland
Posted: 18th Jan 2019 08:25
All of us have been, or are at this point. Ideas for the next best whatever are as many as pebbles on a beach... so what make yours special? Is there any concept, story, setting, style, mechanics, features, paying plans... or is it just: "lets make something awesome". What is this "something"? and how should it become "awesome"?
Set up a propper project and come back again, as a screen of a landscape says nothing about your project. in fact, i could set up a similar screen in a very short time, depending on the software.
Do not give up, but shape your dream, and explain it to others in a way so they could understand your goals. And yes, this means work, a lot of, before you build a team. And making fancy sceens is not part of it. Become a leader with a clear shaped and documented vision, not a kid with a dream. I've seen many next best projects going down the drain because there was nothing but talks and dreams and no realistic plans.
Jaquann Martin
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Joined: 2nd Apr 2019
Posted: 3rd Apr 2019 09:25
I can suggest you a good 2D animator. She has used to do animating scenes of an animated product (including plotting the camera moves, editing the soundtrack, and charting information on dope sheets). Can send you a copy of her CV, if you'd like

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Joined: 23rd Mar 2005
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Posted: 4th Apr 2019 13:41
@jamieh • As this was your one (and only) post in 4 months., it's doubtful you'll actually see this.

Some friendly advice though...

• Work on a project you can complete on your own
• Create based upon a Simple Concept / Idea... something that you personally find interesting and/or appealing
• Aim for a Short-Term Goal., something you can complete within say a Week, or a Month... maybe 3 Months at the most.

But working and/or managing a Team...
Being Beholden to Investors (who expect results / return)…
Aiming for Retail...

These are very stressful, challenging and difficult things for those with Seasoned Experience... for those without such., it'll be near impossible.
Passion and Dreams are good for the Creative Process., they're the Kiss of Death for Project Management; as you have to be more realistic, brutal and critical when engaging in such.
In fact this goes double when you become responsible for Employees and a Business.

And here's the thing., the reason why I suggest the three bullet-points above is because MOST of your Projects will Fail in some way or another.
I'm not saying that to discourage but rather to say that you always need to be more realistic with Goals and Aims.
There's no "Magic Formula" as to what makes a Game Popular... and frankly the main way to achieve this is to throw ungodly amounts of money into advertising.
That isn't even an exaggeration., a minimum of 50% of every Major Game released is spent on Advertising / Marketing / Influencer Campaigns / etc.

Gaming Audiences don't have High-Standards., in-fact their Standards only as High as the Hype you Generate.
Developers themselves can often be their own worst enemies in this respect.
Make something that's Fun, Runs Well, Doesn't Crash (at least not enough to be noticeable) and has something Interesting about it... then someone will like it.
And if you plan to sell it... well for it to be a Success, it just has to make more than it cost to Develop, Market and Release.

When I start work on a new Project, my aim is never to create "The Best" … this doesn't mean I don't aim to make something Awesome., but rather what I'm looking to do is create an experience that personally I find engaging, entertaining and fun., as well if YOU don't like your own creation, then how is anyone else supposed to? Yet beyond this, is to create a lasting impression with others... something that they want to talk about with friends, and ideally that they'll keep coming back to play again.

Look at it like this... how often do you remember the Hollywood Blockbuster a few weeks after it's initial release hype has died down?
How often do you go back to watch it again? Do you even bother to purchase it when it's release for Home Retail?
Chances are, it was entertaining but fleeting entertainment. Same is true for frankly most AAA Blockbuster Games today... you'll talk about them week of release, you might even complete it during them... but after that, you'll put it down and basically never touch it again.
Well what about those smaller titles... the ones that don't have big budget productions.

How many times have you played Undertale? Minecraft? Five Nights at Freddys? Monster Prom? etc.
When you take the time to think about the games you constantly go back to... the ones you play over-and-over-and-over... when you're being honest, which are the ones that becomes your go to games; months or even years later?

There's a reason that the "Retro" Genre is absolutely massive right now.
As I said, Gamers don't have High-Standards... they're just looking to be entertained., while what you as the Creator should be looking to do is create something that makes an impression.

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