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Geek Culture / Is There Really Any Good Reason To Lock A Decent Thread?

Derek Darkly
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Joined: 22nd Sep 2011
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Posted: 26th Jan 2019 00:41 Edited at: 28th Jan 2019 18:38
I'm a long-time member of the discussion site (mod edit: posting anything or linking to politics is against the AUP). (I'm guessing a lot of you are also on there, or have ran away/escaped from it.)
I have threads there that are years old, and every once in a while a member or myself will have something interesting to add.

My point is, aren't we limiting the possibilities by locking old threads?
Besides, storage space is not an issue these days, and the old ones surely won't get too many responses anyway.

Just a thought, from your "subgenius" pal, Derek Darkly.
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Posted: 28th Jan 2019 18:32
Never heard of that other website but after taking a gander it looks like a bunch of biased political stuff.

Sites will lock old threads so they aren't resurrected years later. What possibilities are we limiting? Someone can always start a new thread and link to the old one as a reference. And if a thread has locked from inactivity, then chances are the issue was already resolved and requires no further comments.
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Posted: 28th Jan 2019 18:37
We're pretty relaxed here, if you ask for a thread to be unlocked, 99% of the time a mod will have no problem unlocking it immediately. Though I'm confused, are you complaining about TGC forums, or those forums?

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