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Geek Culture / [LOCKED] Anyone into post-apocalypse here?

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Joined: 30th Jan 2019
Posted: 30th Jan 2019 07:35
I don't know when it happened, but I became a real fan of post-apocalyptic stories. I like all stuff connected to the topic: books, games, manga.
My favorites are Metro game and 7 Seeds manga.
Do you like post-apocalypse stories? If yes, name your favorite products!
User Banned
Posted: 5th Feb 2019 13:20
Yes, the topic of post-apocalypse is interesting. My favorite things are Fallout, post-apocalypse with zombies - dying light, dead island, Metro, Stalker, etc.
User Banned
Posted: 5th Feb 2019 13:29
Hello! Loving post-apocalypse is a very rewarding business because there are a lot of similar games and products in the industry. Fallout all parts, for example, Wasteland, Mad Max,

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