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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Old Model Packs - Conversion To GameGuru

Super Clark
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Joined: 4th Apr 2011
Posted: 30th Jan 2019 16:06
I have been converting the original FPSC x9 standard segments and entities from v.120 and have been given permission to do so
from TCG form mod. I was planning to convert the packs on gift hub but I require permission from the original artists to do so,
can any artists who created any of the packs on gift hub let me know if you are willing to have the packs you created converted
to GameGuru.

If you agree to this please state the pack number you created and its content you contributed to with proof you were the
original artist. And if you can supply a new licence for the content to be used in GameGuru.

You can PM me either here or on gameguru forum.


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