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Geek Culture / Looking for a good SQL "Getting Started" tutorial

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Joined: 10th Jul 2003
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Posted: 9th Feb 2019 09:08
I've never done any database stuff but I want to give it a go.
I've been taking in as many online tutorials as I can (text and video) but none of them tell me what I want to know - How to get started!

I now know exactly what relational and non-relational databases are and I am aware of a good many of the commands to use with SQL to carry out the CRUD but what I don't know is - Where do I write the SQL commands?
All of the tutorials I've found tell me about the commands; what they do and how to use them, but none of them tell me where to write them.
It's like having tutorials on all the commands in AppGameKit without ever mentioning the IDE.

Ideally, I want to integrate my database into AppGameKit Tier 1 or 2 (preferably c#) is there a way to do that? But for now I'm happy with a simple way to enter SQL commands to test my knowledge.

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Posted: 9th Feb 2019 11:05 Edited at: 9th Feb 2019 23:07
I have a few places maybe worth looking at:

Code Academy is good because they encourage you to get your hands dirty with their integrated editor. Sadly the free content is a little limited, but their paid content is inexpensive.

Tutorials Point is okay, it's free and has the content. I prefer using them as a reference.
And an alternative to Tutorials Point is W3Schools who I also use as a reference.

I'd have recommended Codeschool too, as an alternative to Code Academy, but they were assimilated by Pluralsight, who I don't recommend because I've yet to find a tutorial I can engage with. Treehouse is another good source, but they're paid content too, but they do a trial, which is probably enough time to get the groundwork for SQL and their tutorials IMO are the best quality for web development I've seen thus far.

It's also worth downloading MySQL workbench - it has a useful Query editor you can use to practice SQL.

I don't know about AppGameKit integration as I don't tend to use it, for some reason I have a feeling somebody somewhere did something with SQL for AGK.


Looks like the current Humble bundle includes a set of SQL tutorials as well as other stuff that might be useful. So might be worth a goose.

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Joined: 10th Jul 2003
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Posted: 12th Feb 2019 12:50 Edited at: 12th Feb 2019 13:00
For mysql, check out mysql workbench
For mssql, check out sql server management studio

Both are free management interfaces, though sql server the actual db engine for mssql can be pricey for the full version, it also has a free express/ community edition.

C# has native interfaces for sql server that you can use to run raw queries, but it also has the Entity Framework which will map the database directly to class objects with two way binding (meaning you can CRUD the db just by working with variables like any other data in the application without dealing with raw sql)

C# also has libraries for connecting to mysql, run a search in the nuget package manager

As far as integrating with tier 1, you'd probably want to just make a web request to the server which is hosting the db, and the web server can perform the db work then send back the results as a response

For a web host / API interface, integrates closely with SQL server and php integrates easily with mysql.

There is also sqlite for small db running off the local file system or fully embedded into an application. Duffer made an excellent sqlite plugin for dbpro, but I don't think anything is currently available for agk tier1 for this

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Posted: 18th Feb 2019 17:43
I used to use CocoaMySQL, but that was an Apple program. About 15 years ago I started copying that app into a java-based windows version. No clue what I ever did with it.

Get familiar with the online MySQL manual , you'll use it a lot. I still do and learned SQL over 15 years ago.

Quote: ", but none of them tell me where to write them."

Sorta depends on how you're communicating with the sql server. In a desktop application, there will likely be a console window you can type into and run commands. With PHP, you would make a connection to the server then send commands this way:

If you go the web-based route, make sure the tutorials you look at are describing mysqli (improved) and not the deprecated method of just mysql.

As for using it with AppGameKit, what I've done is create my scripts with PHP and build a REST api.

Learning UML diagraming can also be beneficial.
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