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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Z9 VERSUS - A SMALL BUT BIG GAME

Starshyne Emir
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Joined: 27th Nov 2016
Location: Porto Alegre, southern Brazil
Posted: 20th Feb 2019 09:52
Well, I already posted some things about this game I was working at.
After some weeks, I tried to resume the development, but my code was so messy that I found impossible to carry it on again.
I want to see this game complete someday, but I feel that I'll die before it is finished.

This is the last working and stable version of it.

What is included:
> Display mode selection (all display modes up to 1366x768).
It'll check for your display modes, but anything but default mode will look a bit weird (but will work).

It is a VERSUS game unlike any other.

First you can choose how many ships Player 1 and Player 2 will have.
In the ship select, you can press one of these commands to switch between control modes:

1 key - ship moves by WASD controller
2 key - ships moves by ARROW KEYS
3 - ship moves following its own fixed pattern
' - ship is controlled by the world's dumbest AI
m key memorizes current ship number
c key retrieves the memorized ship (don't work very well)
return key selects the ship

The controls in battle are the following:

Controller 1:
A and D turn ship left and right
W shoots, S changes weapon

Controller 2:
LEFT and RIGHT do the obvious
UP shoots
DOWN changes weapon

Holding CTRL during battle make the HUD opaque
Pressing SPACEKEY will return to the ship quantity screen.

This is the link:

Sorry, no screenshots this time, I'm tired of taking snaps for no one to see.
God is real - except if declared as integer.
Derek Darkly
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Joined: 22nd Sep 2011
Location: Whats Our Vector, Victor?
Posted: 20th Feb 2019 23:56

That upload site is horrible. I keep getting redirected to download another app instead.
Your program appears to be only 10MB. Wouldn't it be easier to just attach the file here in your original post?
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Starshyne Emir
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Joined: 27th Nov 2016
Location: Porto Alegre, southern Brazil
Posted: 13th May 2019 18:51
Never thought of attaching it here.
Since the version I uploaded on 4shared is old and I made another update correcting the horrible backgrounds, I'll attach it here.


Team size screen:
LEFT and RIGHT change amount of ships for team 1.
UP and DOWN change amount of ships for player 2.

In ship select screen:
UP and DOWN change ship
LEFT and RIGHT change ship color (10 different diffuse settings)
1 selects Controller 1 for the selected ship
2 selects Controller 2 for the selected ship
3 selects Pattern mode for selected ship (ship moves following a predefined pattern)
M memorizes current ship to be recalled later.
C recalls memorized ship (press twice because screen doesn't update correctly here)

If you set 2 or more ships (regardless of team) for the same controller (only 1 or 2) the ships will be controlled simultaneously.
RETURN selects ship and passes for the next one.
Once all the Team 1 ships are selected, the Team 2 ships are selected. Sorry, no visual indicator of which ship is being selected.


Control 1:
UP shoots, DOWN changes weapon, LEFT and RIGHT turns ship

Control 2:
W shoots, S changes weapon, A and D turns ship.

You can only shoot after the weapon is cooled down. This occurs after all the shots are deleted and a certain time passes, varying from ship to ship. Same to weapon change.

After the message TEAM X WINS appears, you must press CONTROL to retorn to TEAM SELECT SCREEN.
God is real - except if declared as integer.

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