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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Nano Canvas Reborn - Now Available on Android!

User Banned
Posted: 23rd Feb 2019 19:57
It's a Painter.
But, It's an AWESOME painter.
no, not really... it is amazing. , the following video may look like I tweaked its speed while editing it, well basically yeah I did but it was an experiment... it's about 2.75x faster than normal and on windows but that is only because I explained someone about the app.
an actual dog face while you are recognized with the app, should not take more than 1 minute.

Its great for kids who want to draw with some cool effects and shapes
You can select "Shadow On/ Shadow Off" so it will actually look like 3d

Updates will follow later.
Planning a bit of a market for it not something fancy just a good amount of in-app purchases to get this baby rolling.

Video and Link to google play. Get It Now On Google Play!

User Banned
Posted: 23rd Feb 2019 20:01
BTW no memblocks was used in this project.

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