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2D All the way! / New here, some initial questions about AppGameKit!

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Joined: 7th Mar 2019
Posted: 7th Mar 2019 10:51
Fellow programmers,
I'm into software/apps/games that focus on presenting world maps (preferably from real GIS-data) as backdrop/interactive elements.
Would AppGameKit be a suitable platform for such 2D-data representation/action, considering it should handle (user input) zoomable/rescalable vector/raster data?
I have searched for examples involving such concepts but find nothing outstanding so far.
A good illustration of what I am after can be found in games like Defcon - Everybody dies, Spacecom, 911 Operator etc.

Before I jump into AppGameKit, I just wanted to hear your oppinion of the possibilities on the subject?
I'm sure it's possible, but how accessible is it approaching it in AppGameKit?


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