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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / [SOLVED] DBPro crash on compile

SGT Newcastle
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Joined: 28th Oct 2018
Posted: 13th Mar 2019 13:20
Hello im a newbie my name is Matthew, im new to this but i have quite the history with TGC software and products.

DBpro became free, i downloaded it from the git hub repository, fixed the compiler path as mentioned
but upon compiling the application crashes instantly. The IDE works but the app crashes.

Any app , yet compile successful. (Not really)

How may i fix this?

Current pc : I5 8400 , 8gb ddr4 , Gtx 560 oc 2gb , windows 10 pro 64-bit.

Also a copy of Dark Game Studio bundle is on it's way from amazon but until then i need to fix the open version.

As for the history ; I own retail box copies of fps creator , fps creator X10 , Star Wraith 4 Reviction.
I have Gameguru on steam. As a child i used to admire and play games written in Darkbasic i.e Doom6666.

I really wish to develop my own 3D space game but i can't advance since Dbpro keeps crashing.
Please help , this is beyond my knowledge.

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Bored of the Rings
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Posted: 13th Mar 2019 15:50 Edited at: 13th Mar 2019 16:01
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Hi Matthew, do you get any error message(s) or does it just bomb out. there are quite a few extra steps that need to be done that aren't mentioned on github as its not very helpful. I recommend you obtain Rudolpho's DBProEx version of dbpro found here You will also need the certificates for the compiler and updated version of the actual synergy editor. Will post later if I get time.

[edit - added files]

copy the certificates folder to your compiler folder and the editor file overwrite the current .EXE or rename the old one first and paste in.
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SGT Newcastle
Years of Service
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Joined: 28th Oct 2018
Posted: 13th Mar 2019 18:30
Just "bomb out", i will try to fix it atm.
If it does not work out i check the version you recommended.

I'll get back to this tomorrow.
Thank you for your help and patience.
DBPro Master
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Joined: 21st Nov 2007
Location: Austin, TX
Posted: 14th Mar 2019 00:57
If it compiles fine but fails to run, you must likely need to install this version of directx 9:

If the link is no longer working, i have offline installer i can dig up if you need

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SGT Newcastle
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Joined: 28th Oct 2018
Posted: 19th Mar 2019 08:11
Got the Retail copy of Dark Game studio everything works, please close the thread thank you for your patience.

Time to make my dreams a reality.
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Joined: 23rd Mar 2005
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Posted: 19th Mar 2019 09:39 Edited at: 19th Mar 2019 09:42
The GitHub Version works just fine on Windows 10 64bit (Fresh Install) … in-fact I'm running the 'Next Release' (1903), which has it's "Issues" and it works just fine.
There's no need to actually Build / Compile the Project, as a Pre-Build (with Certificate and Authentication Checks Removed) is packaged with it.

Easiest way to ensure it Downloads Properly is to install Visual Studio Community (2017 / 2019), then on GitHub make an account so you can use the dropdown to select "Open in Visual Studio"
This will prompt the GitHub Source Clone, by default it will be C:\Users\[Username]\Source\Repos\Dark-Basic-Pro

Use the File Browser to get to said Directory, then copy the [Install] Folder
I'd recommend putting it in C:\Program Files (x86)\ and renaming it "Dark Basic Professional" or such... makes it easier to find.
Right-Click "Launch.exe" and create a Shortcut (Drag it to the Desktop or Pin to Start)
I've attached an updated darkbasic.ico … it looks cleaner, and I'd recommend using it to have something more recognisable than the weird blue TGC Circle one that's used by default.

Start via the Shortcut., then go to Tools >> Options
Copy-Paste "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dark Basic Professional\Compiler\DBPCompiler.exe" (or wherever you actually copied it too) in the Compiler Filename (or manually use the Browse just to make sure)
Then select Tools >> Rebuild Keywords

And... well that's it.
There's no need for the DirectX 9 Runtime, it'll just work "As-Is" and as flawless as ever did in the past.
You might have some issues with Temporary Projects, so just be sure to create a new 'Blank' Project... AND I'd also recommend creating a Shortcut of Editor/EditorNew.exe instead of Launch.exe to get rid of the Broken GDI-Based "Link" Page that now only forwards to an ISP "Broken Link".
I think it used to connect to the Website or something, but who knows at this point.


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