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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Reporting bugs on GitHub flagged as fixed that aren't

Kevin Cross
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Location: London, UK
Posted: 25th Mar 2019 16:46
When we've reported something previously that's been closed as fixed, do we comment again on the closed topic to say that it isn't or create a new one?
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The Next
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Posted: 25th Mar 2019 16:56 Edited at: 25th Mar 2019 16:59
You won't be able to re-open a closed issue so the best thing to do is file a new issue report and link to the old one, that way all the info is included. Then a developer can say what has happened, maybe the fix isn't in the current version.
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Posted: 26th Mar 2019 16:18 Edited at: 26th Mar 2019 16:20

A formal issue tracker is great, but a bug should never get marked 'fixed' after just a developers own self tests.

Bare minimum, it should be tested and confirmed as fixed by a second party.

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