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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Skeleton loading bug on a specific computer

Captain Ouais
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Joined: 12th Dec 2003
Location: France
Posted: 25th Mar 2019 17:13
Hi !!!
I bought a Dell Latitude e6430 computer. The computer works very well. windows 10, 64 bits.
I acquired it to test my game on a small pc with a 14 inch screen.
And here, from the start: bug:

where is the knight ?

it's a problem that happens when loading the file, memory management problem?

The knight with his armor is loaded first is therefore dysfunctional. we only see the mouth and one foot.
I can change armor on the fly by pressing F2, the knight appears normally. If in my code I reverse the loading of the two armor, it is the other that does not appear well.

My game turned on at least 6 pc and I never had that kind of bug.
How to do ? I think it's an AppGameKit bug

thank you for help me

I do what i do !!!


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