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AppGameKit Studio Chat / what about some scene examples?

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Posted: 29th Mar 2019 15:00
are you guys up for a small show-case showing off your idea of scenes using the scene editor?
Photos / Videos and Code.

will show mine soon... just to get the hang of it ...
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Posted: 2nd Apr 2019 17:21
man... this is really cool.
The ide is super awesome now its super easy to adjust stuff, select color (which can be a headache without a pallet)
I am still missing the animation commands.

this is what I got so far... I have no idea where this is going, but its fun.

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Posted: 2nd Apr 2019 17:35
Imaginations' greatest gift is the knowledge you supply it.
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Posted: 4th Apr 2019 11:22
updated :

I strongly suggest adding Animation Controls to AppGameKit studio. it will be extremely helpful.

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