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AppGameKit Studio Chat / is it possible to write inside a scene file?

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Posted: 30th Mar 2019 09:20
starting to get familiar with AGKS scene editor.. the first thing I noticed I cannot write code inside the scene file... why?

for example, if I want to add tweens for the text objects and sprites ...
do I need to animate these globals in another file?
I guess it will keep the scene file clean.

am I wrong? is there a way to write code in a scene file? I keep forgetting it is an alpha
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Posted: 30th Mar 2019 10:26
all I do for now is edit the .scene file in notepad++.
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Posted: 30th Mar 2019 11:59
I see I've been writing to a different agc file and made a connection with the scene file.
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Posted: 3rd Apr 2019 20:21
I think you can. On the Editor Window select your scene then look for the "EDIT" on the tabs.... "2d Script File Edit" > "Edit" > "Read Only Mode" Check that on or Off, You should be able to edit the file at that point... don't know if it will rewrite it when you update the script though..
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