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AppGameKit Studio Chat / [Suggestion] A few things..

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Joined: 30th Nov 2015
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Posted: 31st Mar 2019 18:54
Hello AGKS Devs,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for all your continued hard work and love that you put in to the community to make this product better and better time and time again. I am loving the new studio it is very sleek.


I would like to know would it be possible to get a project hierarchy refresh button? the reason being that currently there is no actual way to delete a scene from the IDE, (at least if there is, I haven't found it yet!), the only way that I can see is to right click and use "remove from project", now, that is all good and well, but, the scene still persists in the project folder! Which isn't ideal in my opinion, so, perhaps we can also add functionality to actually delete a scene completely? The same could be said for any codes files - (the .agc ones). The other reason is because if I decide I no longer want a scene or code file, and know I can only remove it from the project, if I try to get one up on the IDE and delete it from the project folder directly, it doesn't detect this and doesn't auto refresh/update in the project hierarchy.

I would also like that when I make a new code file, for it to be added to my currently opened project, the file then persists above the project folder and not actually in it, so I have to then close the file inside the editor and import it in to my project as an existing file, to get it in to the project folder. It might have been designed like this for sandbox mode? I do not know, but the ability for it to perhaps detect if the code file has been saved to the current project directory and then move it there would be fantastic, I guess if possible, perhaps we could just have a right click context option, so that when we right click our project folder, add new source code file and it can be added straight there? Or simply be able to drag and drop the file using the mouse and it move it to the directory of choice. This also makes me want a big button like we have for open project etc.. for create new source file.

I don't know if a bug but when I click add new scene it seems to keep the name of the last created scene in the box, so I have to delete this out to then make a new scene.

When hitting the return/enter key after using a gui add command (not this one specifically) //[IDEADDGUI],header,my header it seems to focus the Code Properties window instead of the new line in the code file I am working on, this gets pretty frustrating as we have to keep clicking to regain focus.

I know all of the above could be in the pipeline already, I am not really moaning just pointing out a few things, also it would be nice to have some reference on the commands that can be used for the code properties window and also some documentation or a video on how to transition from one scene to another ? Maybe a nice few functions LoadScene(), PlayScene(), DeleteScene() and maybe even some transitioning animation or tween effects


Kind Regards

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