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AppGameKit Studio Chat / both alpha 0.50 and alpha 0.50c Run/Debug does not work

User Banned
Posted: 2nd Apr 2019 12:00
it seems for some reason... to stop executing the compiled app right,
deleted the ide
extracted again from the zip/rar file
tried several times with 0.50 and with 0.50c
sometimes it does run but that like 1 out of 10 tries
tried a different project, no success.
closed the computer opened again, nothing...

posting on Github, will try to reStart rePower my computer before doing so.
User Banned
Posted: 2nd Apr 2019 12:18
ok found the problem.

I have deleted several sprites from the scene in 2d mode.
one of them was an image I haven't used yet.

in another agc file, i wrote some lines that when the game is looping the gameMode it creates some new sprites, but because I deleted the sprites from the scene editor the new sprite could not find the right index of that image "SceneName_Images[]"
once deleted from the scene editor the array is self-reorganizing.

Maybe AGKstudio needs to know that when I'm pointing at an element inside an array inside a *scene file, once an array is changed it will auto change in all other agc files in the project.

now the thing is that only after I restarted the computer twice when I clicked to run it showed me a dialog that something is wrong before it just hangs the exe with a white screen... I thought that what I suggested here was already implemented, is it possible to add this feature?

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