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AppGameKit Studio Chat / [Sugestion] Proper Function Hints, Variable Hints, Multiline Code Select using ALT, Comment Out Selection hot key

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Posted: 9th Apr 2019 20:56
So far so good, using Studio to re-do my older game project - Dream Temple.

Few things I wish it would offer at some point.

1) Code Hints that don't have to be typed from the beginning. Game Maker has this, for functions like KeyboardCheckPressed, you can type in Pressed and it'll pop up both KeyboardCheckPressed and MouseCheckButtonPressed - the keyword can be anywhere in the command.

2) Variable Hits: Another benefit, very handy. In GMS, Variables and Functions appear in the same suggestion window but are color coded so you can tell the difference.
3) In Notepad++ and many other IDEs, Holding Alt allows you to select multiple pointer positions, you can then type, delete, copy on all the lines.

4) Comment Out Selection hot key: Select a block of code, press the shortcut, block commented out.

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