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AppGameKit Studio Chat / ~~Request~~ Scene Editor features.

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Posted: 10th Apr 2019 13:35 Edited at: 10th Apr 2019 16:06
Feature Request
#Feature Request. Snap Sprite Size to Grid Size. For images being placed on the screen, lets say your image is a 64x64 and you want to tile in 16x16 or 32x32. having to resize the image every tile is tedious.

#Feature Request. Send all selected sprites to front/back

#Feature Request. Set physics on all selected sprites.

#Feature Request. Set Physics on sprites being drawn

#Feature Request. Tile Animation Support

#Feature Request. Bigger scenes, We need more space for our imagination to grow. I cant be limited to just 1 screen at a time.
(I know you can tile off the black screen and it will load, but I shouldn't have too.)

My small list that I think the editor needs. I will continue to think of things while I am playing around with AGKS.
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