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AppGameKit Studio Chat / AppGameKit Studio - Gneral-Questions

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Joined: 18th Apr 2019
Posted: 18th Apr 2019 16:56 Edited at: 18th Apr 2019 18:42

I am new, to AppGameKit. Coming from Unity.
I saw a Video about the new Software "AppGameKit Studio" (AppGameKit exists much longer, as i understood). Especially this one:
And i was quite impressed. Is it realtime, or is it prerendered videofootage ? Does there exist a Link to a Example-Build of it from this video? Would like to evaluate it on my own machine.

As completly new to AppGameKit, i got some basic questions :
1.) There are many AppGameKit Products. So i get confused about it. Can someone tell me What are the differences about
them, what is the most adwanced package ? Currently i am aiming "AppGameKit Studio", because it seems like an All-iN-One Software pack.
2.) The name "App-Game-Kit" implicates you can Build: serious Apps & funny Games ?
3.) Current Price (April) is 52€. Regular price will be 87€. Is this a perpetual / lifetime license you can order ?
What about future Updates / Upgrade costs ?

Some more advanced questions :
4.) For me these Platforms are relevant: HTML5 / WebGL, Windows, Mobile. As on the Website it shows:
-iPhone & iPad
-Android based phones & tablets
-Windows desktops, laptops & tablets
-MacOS devices
-HTML5 Browsers
-Raspberry Pi
This is the case for the "AppGameKit Studio" or is this the case for any other "AppGameKit"-Product ?
5.) Are there any plans to implement a second programing language, like C# or HAXE ?
6.) As for fast Prototyping stuff, i like "visual scripting" a lot. Are there plans to get it in future updates ?
7.) 3D content: are you able to import skeletal characters ? Which formats are allowed ?
8.) 3D content: is there a Material / shader editor implemented, or will be implemented ?
9.) 3D content: there was written "Vulkan"-API. But what about older Hardware ? Is Vulkan suitable for it ?
Or is there a FallBack method to openGL 2.0 / 3.0 for older hardware ?
10.) 3D content: HTML5 / WebGL, is it mobile ready ??? ... just asking, because Unity-webGL is not mobile ready.

As said, i am really new to AppGameKit, therefore so many questions & I hope you guys forgive me for that. Would be super cool got some answers from you. Cheers & Thx !
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Posted: 18th Apr 2019 20:33 Edited at: 18th Apr 2019 20:49
APPGameKit can work on all of those platforms altho publishing to IOS does require an apple now due to apples policy changes

AGK will have a long life the studio version has some great improvements to the ide and is still in development stage
but once it is released it should be able to make games with opengl like AppGameKit Classic does or the choice of Vulkan
coming from Unity you may appreciate the debugging options available such as watch variables and stepping through
code like vis c does. Both versions have the ability to use the basic |IDE or use tier 2 for C development. AppGameKit Studio also
has the support of better shader support.

There is other versions available such as Java, c# and python but you will then need a software wrapper to develop for android
or IOS but the standard AGKClassic or AppGameKit studio using tier1 has the ability to export to these aswell as html5 without the need for
multiple programs installed and this is achieved just by selecting export under the file menu in the basic IDE. The free Rasbery Pi
version is a smaller cut down version that will work with Pi computers but as some of the commands the Pi isn't capable of working
with they are not included in the Pi version

Darkbasic has been around a long time and written using the direct x engine and is designed for windows games and DARKGDK
is the C++ version

FSPC is a development tool for creating first person shooter games with minimal knowledge of programming needed.
When you purchase AppGameKit there is the ability to bundle with the ability to load FPSC games directly into AppGameKit and allows for
some very professional games to be produced easier.

The licence for AppGameKit Classic is a lifetime one and i Imagine Studio will also be
there is a list of other products that can be bundled with AppGameKit or purchased seperately
3D Asset pack a great asset Pack very low poly suitable for mobiles
App game kit vr a great way of developing VR games providing you have a compatible VR headset
Games Packs 1 and 2 these are a list of full version games with complete source code some of the source is a little hidden but its all there
Giant asset packs have 3D and 2D assets that you are licensed to use with AGK
The Shader Pack is a heap of GLSL shaders compatible with AppGameKit some with example code
The Sound Library is a heap of sounds that can be looped great for all types of games
fubarpk on Itch...………...
fubarpk on googleplay..
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Joined: 18th Apr 2019
Posted: 18th Apr 2019 22:27
Thx for the fast respond.

Okay, nice to hear that you can combine some available kits to save work-time. Sounds like the Unity Asset Store.
And i really like the posibillity to export to Raspberry pi !

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