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AppGameKit Studio Chat / [SOLVED] Power of tier 1

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Joined: 28th Mar 2017
Location: Grimsby, England
Posted: 28th Apr 2019 16:55
Hi guys, just wondering what sort of power can you get in a game using tier 1 i.e platformers , space invaders , galaxa . ie number of moving objects on screen and speed, complex movements, total speed of game. Cheers Guys.

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Retired Moderator
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Joined: 11th Jan 2005
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Posted: 28th Apr 2019 18:35
tier one is quite powerful as the engine behind it is written in c and assembled
into the engine that AppGameKit tier 1 utilizes. So the ability to have many sprites on screen
its quite powerful and can easily do what i beleive you are asking. Mainly its
dependant on how well you do your code. There are various speed tests people
have done on the forums particularly if you look in the agk classic forum.

Comparing AppGameKit classic to AppGameKit studio at this state in time there is no difference
to the speeds you get out as they are both using the opengl engine the same one
that classic uses. but in the future and still currently under development. The studio
version will have the added ability to use the vulkan rendering engine. Which has
about 30 percent improvement over agks classic engine. But this is dependant
entirely on your machine and its capability in supporting the vulkan engine. It is
better but older machines may not work as well as it would with the opengl classic
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Cliff Mellangard 3DEGS
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Joined: 20th Feb 2006
Location: Sweden
Posted: 30th Apr 2019 15:23
Its powerfull enough for a indi dev that want small sized games with alot onscreen for even old mobiles and computers.

All code do nead clean and optimized code and thats the same for agk to run well.

I throwed together a pretty lazy coded fps that runs very well on even old mobiles called pixelstein 3d.

I i would have coded it well from the beginning so would it probably run alot better

So i have to say agk is pretty powerfull for the prize you pay..

I am rewritting my base engine now and its promising with wath i get with agk.
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Joined: 2nd May 2004
Posted: 1st May 2019 04:51
Agreed with cliff. AppGameKit is relatively cheap compared to other game development software such as game maker, corona, yet very powerful.

I released one game with AppGameKit and it runs smooth on every android and iPhone devices.

I think AppGameKit studio will take it to the next level.
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Joined: 3rd Dec 2017
Posted: 1st May 2019 10:24
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Agree to the other posts in the thread, you have the power you need for indie (and even higher quality) games with tier1.
AGK is really flexible in terms of rendering and you can get great performance out of it. The sky is the limit if you put some effort in.
The code execution itself shouldn't be an issue for games (the rendering will most likely be your bottleneck) unless you want to do some really heavy duty simulation, in which case you could look into doing it on the GPU.

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