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FPSC Classic Product Chat / why is player health low when he respawns?

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Posted: 20th Jun 2019 20:37
Why is player health low when he respawns? For example: player starts level 2 with 35 health, when player dies he respawns with 35 health.
Is there a way to refill health to 100 when player respawns?
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Posted: 20th Jun 2019 21:33 Edited at: 20th Jun 2019 21:39
Quote: "Is there a way to refill health to 100 when player respawns"

Yes, simple easy script. You really need to use the Syntax list more often. The command to use for players health is $PH ( setvar=$PH 100 )
That sets the players health to 100.
You will have to figure out how to "insert" when a player "Respawns" Maybe use a triggerzone that is activated only on a respawn ?
But here's the code for a simple "player in zone" set health to 100..

You could try using an activation to activate the zone when player dies ?

EDIT: I think I got it, a workaround. Found it using the Syntax list. Use this with a triggerzone right where the player "Respawns"
If players health is less than 100 it sets it to 100 then script resets itself. But beware, this script runs over and over every time player steps into zone
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