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Raspberry Pi / Which Pi to buy?

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Joined: 29th Jun 2019
Location: Philippines
Posted: 30th Jun 2019 07:03
I am about to buy a Pi which will be reserved exclusively for AGK. Can anyone advise me if the Pi 4 which has just been released is fully compatible with AppGameKit, or should I purchase a Pi 3B+?
Is AppGameKit loaded into the Pi via a USB stick, or does it have to share a memory card with raspberian?
(I used to program in BASIC many years ago & I am just doing this for my own amusement, any successful programs will remain on Pi & displayed on a spare TV)
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Joined: 11th Jan 2005
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Posted: 1st Jul 2019 22:04
Pi 3B might be best unless you prefer to wait for the official release of the Pi4
which from what I have learned has heating issues and has some differences
which might effect programs that worked on the 3B. I couldn't find anything
on what OS changes the Pi 4 will have. But after saying all that Im sure the Pi4
should still be able to run AppGameKit for pi but im not sure what patch's fixes etc
will be needed.

Summing up if the Pi 3B does everything you want from a pocket computer
ide suggest the Pi 3B otherwise ide wait for the Pi 4 to be released and what
others have found out.

PS I own a Raspberry Pi 3b and it works great with retro pi installed and
I have quite a library that works great and there is heaps of information out
there for the Pi 3. I am excited about the 4 to be released but unsure what
issues might prop up with my use.

fubarpk on Itch...………...
fubarpk on googleplay..
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Joined: 20th Nov 2017
Location: Yorkshire, England
Posted: 2nd Jul 2019 10:21 Edited at: 2nd Jul 2019 10:23
The Pi 4 is already released and has been out for a week or so now.

It is also significantly faster and better specced than the 3B. The Pi4 is worth it for the gigabit ethernet and USB3 alone, not to mention the dual monitor capability and being able to get a 4GB version! It is no more expensive than the 3B so at this point id say get the Pi4.... It really is that much better that I wouldnt buy another 3B again.
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Joined: 29th Jun 2019
Location: Philippines
Posted: 4th Jul 2019 05:51
Thank you both for your (conflicting!) advice: D.
I've ordered a 3B+ as I know AppGameKit should run OK on this and Pi4 is not yet available in The Philippines where I live. I will be in the UK for a month in September so I can pick up a Pi4 then.
Once the Pi is operating on Raspberian do I then run AppGameKit from a USB stick?

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