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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Perfomance - Multiple Levels - Must-have-Apps

Dr. Schnellinger
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Joined: 14th Jul 2019
Playing: Farm Together, Euro Truck Simulator 2
Posted: 14th Jul 2019 08:08
Hi there. I'll be direct:

How may I improve the perfomance for my FPS Creator 1.20?

I was making a game called "Combat Simulator", it had cool incoming radio instructions that I made with Loquendo and Adobe Audition, and it went well at the beginning, but as the project continued the perfomance went from bad to worse and at the end I had to drop the project.

I tried what some dudes said, to spawn entities progressively with area triggers but then the entities were like... floating 50cm off from the ground and playing bugged shoot animations, that was very annoying. Sometimes the test play failed because the program stopped working. I ended up uninstalling FPSC.

Today I was browsing the installer folder and the nostalgia came to me. Now I want to start again, but I would like some hints and tricks.

My system specs: Intel DualCore 2.0Ghz, 2GB RAM DDR2, GeForce 9400GT, Windows 7 Professional x64. Monitor 4:3.
I know my actual PC is crappy, but at least I can play Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Farm Together at 1024x768 without extreme lag.
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Joined: 29th Mar 2017
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Posted: 14th Jul 2019 10:13 Edited at: 14th Jul 2019 10:14
i found an fpsc optimization guide from 2009, don't know if some of the methods from the guide work in the latest version, but most of them should work.
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Joined: 24th Jul 2017
Posted: 16th Jul 2019 02:13
I recommend using Black Ice Mod as it fixes most of the problems and boosts performance, AIs being spawned also work correctly and don’t float around anymore.
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Posted: 16th Jul 2019 03:06
@ Dr. Schnellinger Considering your rig you may have to start small until you are able to upgrade?
But that shouldn't stop you from making and testing some small maps and levels to get the feel of what your after.
Don't make the whole game, but rather test layouts and scripts to see whats possible on your computer.
At least do what Pvt. Dan said and upgrade to Black Ice Mod. You should noticed some increase in performance

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Dr. Schnellinger
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Joined: 14th Jul 2019
Playing: Farm Together, Euro Truck Simulator 2
Posted: 16th Jul 2019 12:10

I'll downloadd that Black Ice Mod, re-install FPSC and post back.
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