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Raspberry Pi / pi4 support?

Stephen Elliott
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Joined: 31st Jul 2017
Posted: 24th Jul 2019 13:05
Does AppGameKit support the new pi4?
Tone Dialer
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Joined: 17th Oct 2005
Location: England, well a town in it !
Posted: 28th Jul 2019 06:41

Same question here, thanks.
Hubert BAYRE
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Joined: 21st Oct 2017
Location: France
Posted: 2nd Aug 2019 21:09
Hope some news about pi4 support to.
Retired Moderator
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Joined: 11th Jan 2005
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Posted: 10th Aug 2019 20:15
Still very early days for the Pi4

the 4mb version is Preorder ony in Australia so not quite available and officially not available until the end of august
according to Pi Australia

Quote: "Does AppGameKit support the new pi4?"

I see no reason why It shouldnt work with later versions of Pi/Linux as to using the new features such as dual monitor
support, I believe you will have to wait for an upgrade. AppGameKit for raspberry Pi is a free product and makes no profit for
TGC so you may have to be patient for upgrades as there resources are being used with AppGameKit studio and other TGC
products which return an income.

PS Ide also like to see further development here for the Pi, but I understand the reasons why development costs
can make these things take time. Maybe they will open source the product in the future who knows
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