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AppGameKit Studio Chat / AGK Stdio for Mac: permission issue

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Posted: 1st Aug 2019 15:05 Edited at: 1st Aug 2019 16:56

First, congrats in getting AppGameKit Studio out of the door. Great job and it's an impressive product. I have owned AGK2 for quite some time but only dabbled a bit now and then. Now that I have Studio I very much intend to finally port my old basic games from the BBC Micro days... yes, it's been several several decades delay

Anyway, on my Mac, I have an admin account and a standard account - admin I use purely for s/w installation and updates, standard is where I do all my work. There is a problem with AppGameKit Studio when installed via an admin account but then subsequently accessed via a standard account: some of the folders do not have the right permissions - icons and help assets for example are not picked up. See attached screenshot.

To get around the problem, I have to go to Show Package Contents -> Right click on Contents and do a Get Info -> Add the standard account as a read only user, even though it has Everyone -> Read only

Also the players folder is not accessible and I have to do the same for that.

AGK2 used to have similar problems - every release I would have to manually set the permissions on the standard account.

Note that AppGameKit Studio and AGK2 would always open up fine on the admin account, it's just an issue for the non-admin account.


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