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3 Dimensional Chat / DLC 3D asset pack

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Posted: 5th Aug 2019 11:45 Edited at: 5th Aug 2019 17:09
Good morning . Just downloaded the 3d asset pack from steam. Am I right in thinking these are 3d models ? They are stored as png files and I am unsure how to use them . I thought they would be .obj files which I am familiar with. I can't load them into the 3d viewer to look at them . Any help would be appreciated . Thanks
It's ok I worked out how to convert them into obj files and they are great just what I was looking for . I used spin3d mesh converter which is a free download . Thanks for reading. I read the info file in the end . Had never heard of an X file apart from Moulder and Scully.
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Posted: 19th Oct 2019 08:39
There is no need to use spin3D
there should be several .x files these are just another object format
if you run the 3Dview program you should be able to browse the folders
of files quickly
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