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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Am I the only one being annoyed by the ½ second delay on rightclick?

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Joined: 7th Jun 2017
Posted: 8th Aug 2019 12:20
Honest question. Everyone are using rightclick, so when the ½ second delay still hasn't been reported on github, I would assume that it doesn't really bother people all that much. Which would be odd, since it feels like a big annoyance to me! So, what's your take? Have you noticed it? If so, is it a big deal or no?

I remember a talk on youtube where someone talked about a similar delay in the latest version of Adobe Bridge. He pointed out that there were nothing whatsoever that warranted that a never version suddenly performed the same task as before noticeable slower. More importantly, he managed to put into word exactly why this delay was a big deal. I wish I had bookmarked it. Because I have a hard time putting into words why exactly it matters. But I think I'll try:

When I code, I typically hold a lot of different stuff in my mind. I have an overall goal I'm working towards, like adding gamification, and in order to do that I need to create this function, inside which I need this relatively simple algoritm, which I copypaste from something else and then edit a bit. Now, when I rightclick, I notice the ½ second delay and It distracts me. Normally, rightclicking and seeing the rightclick-menu is mentally throught of as one single action. Cause and effect are intermingled, just like when you throw a ball. The ball flying through the air is a part of you throwing it.
Mentally , there is a lot of difference between something being instant, and having a delay. In most of our interaction with a computer, we are blissfully unaware of the distance. As I type this, I consider how it would be smartest to phrase it and such, but I don't really think about the physical process of me pressing down a key, the software registering it, the screen updating, and said character appearing on the monitor. We have this flow where cause is in the background and we only experience the effect. Same with rightclick. I rightclick and select "Go to Tag Definition". It is a single, quick action, which doesn't disrupt my flow.
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Posted: 8th Aug 2019 22:35
I have to admit, I hadn't even noticed there was a delay until I just tried it out after reading your post.

Now that I know there is a delay, I do find it unusual... especially as there is no delay if you right click whilst moving the mouse! I presume there is some code in there that is trying to decide if the click is going to be a drag event or not before displaying the popup menu (and explains why the menu appears instantly if the mouse is moving). I'm guessing this would be an easy fix, but probably not very high up the list of priorities.
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Posted: 9th Aug 2019 04:34
If you turn off "event based rendering" in IDE preferences you get immediate right-click menus.

So yes it is due to "mouse events" being sluggish. You'd think a right click would be considered an "event" important enough to wake up the renderer, like moving the cursor ....

I'd submit a github issue for it if I were you, might be an easy fix.
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Posted: 9th Aug 2019 05:11 Edited at: 9th Aug 2019 05:11
I noticed too that event based rendering has slowed down right click. Also sometimes with event based rendering selecting option in the popup menu via right click can freeze the IDE for a second or two. This was not present in the alpha 095 version.
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Posted: 9th Aug 2019 06:21
I think this all relates to the trying to minimize the IDE's use of CPU/System resources. So yes, if you turn off "event based rendering" then it will be faster but consume more CPU.
On my system it goes from %1.3 to %6

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