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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] My future projects

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Joined: 28th Jul 2017
Posted: 28th Aug 2019 20:58
Hello everybody.I have some projects of games .
First my most great project.Im creating a ww2 game but it no is only shoot and kill nazis. In this game that the history prologue starts in WW1 when a british tactical group assault a german laboratory that is creating experiment like zombies and mutants after the assault we meet the villian is a german scientist a special army group rescues the doctor and escape after a russian group assault the place and took information.
The first chapter starts in ww2 you are a britis spy and you must investugate a german exoeriments.
But this is not all we have four different characters whit a own story the first is the brithis, other a resistance girl in poland , a german ss soldier captured by russians and american in france in a point of game all the characters will meet and unite.
Im making names of characters
I want the game have rpg elements and dialog and epic moments.
Well my other project is a titanic game,the objetive escape of the sinking shio finding keys and weapons.
The other game will be a titanic horror underwater whit ghost and other things. And another with zombies in titanic
And finally i will release a free media pack based on Wolfenstein 3d
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Joined: 27th Oct 2005
Location: Michigan
Posted: 16th Oct 2019 18:46
This all sounds wonderful! However, please adhere to the rules of the WIP Board. When you have something ready to show, please do so.

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