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Android / Great Games, Few Downloads - Best Paid Android Game Promotion Sites?

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Posted: 12th Sep 2019 04:56

We have 5 games on Google Play for Android smartphones and tablets.
We have very few downloads and reviews.

Can someone recommend some paid Android game promotion sites?
We are willing to pay money to reach a larger audience.

You can see all 5 games below on Google Play:

Let us know, thanks!

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Posted: 12th Sep 2019 11:51 Edited at: 12th Sep 2019 11:53
You need to work with ASO to get organic traffic.
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Posted: 19th Oct 2019 08:32
here is another site you could set your games up for profits there are others
another thing is to get the games out there
this site is good for assets
and tgc showcase is a great free place to start advertising your games
fubarpk on Itch...………...
fubarpk on googleplay..
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Posted: 22nd Oct 2019 17:31 Edited at: 22nd Oct 2019 17:47
I took a look at one of the games, and there is a ton you can do to make that store page get people interested in the game.

Game: Red Light Racer

Description: You have 9 bullets of features but none of them actually tell the user how to play the game or - more importantly - why the game is FUN.
Images: You have five screenshots of menus but only one of gameplay. If the gameplay screen doesn't change much, then maybe you need to get some video of gameplay there.

My most recent app was a test to see how well I could hit a ridiculously saturated market (soundboards) by targeting a very specific group (tweens).

I looked at all the other soundboards and tried to find a niche that wasn't filled. From the comments on different boards and the input from my kids and their friends, I found several key features that were popular. One of which was the absence of something - profanity. Tweens are still under the authority of Mom and Dad, but it seems most soundboard creators have forgotten that and litter the things with some really crass stuff.

So that was my niche, family-safe, fun sounds, and an extra helping of farts. Released in the beginning of October with no advertising outside of my kid using it in school, it's at about 120 downloads. Tempted to do an ad for it in the school newsletter the next time they are looking for sponsor ads just to see what that does for downloads. Link:

If you get your copy and your media to reflect 1) what your app does and 2) why it's more fun than the others you'll probably start to drive a bit more traffic ****once it's in the view of your target audience****.

My next project is a lifestyle/utility app, so I'm going to actually invite adults into testing it and build a community once it's in beta. That should build a decent base and my projection is to come out the door in January with 120 base user downloads and at least a thousand in the first month thereafter.

Find your base. Build it. Let them help evangelize your app.
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Posted: 9th Jan 2020 13:39
Probably best advice would be, find a publisher. Here is why:

As an example I will mention only two most common ways of "boosting" your game in Play or App Store

1. Paid promotions might be a good idea, but, you really need to be sure that your game will become viral, so you just need about hundreds of users to get hooked into your game and the rest will be spread with word of mouth. To get a big amount of users from promotion alone - you don't have that money.

2. Second choice is so called fake downloads. You are basically paying to some individuals/companies to boost your game with downloading it from different user accounts. These numbers will help your game just to have better download number and that's where it ends, you will get nothing else from it . To make it count you need to have a really, really big amount fake downloads - you don't have that money.

Reason why all these strategies will not work for you is connected with: publishers.

Publishers, when they smell good game they are willing to invest hundreds of thousands in that game to promote it. The main goal is: game to be featured on appstore homepage. And how are they doing that? With 2 steps I mention above plus some additional promotion campaigns.

It's a simple math: Game to be featured in appstore needs to have really massive boost which is counted in downloads. Publishers are willing to buy (in whatever way) millions of downloads for that game to be featured, because they know that these numbers will multiply the moment they reach featured page. They invest thousands if not millions in paid downloads but at the end they get back what they invest trough monetizations from organic downloads (if their calculation was right that is) Of course there is retention that will dictate how much money game will bring, but that's another topic.

Please keep in mind, every time you invest some money into promotion or paid downloads you are competing with publishers that are investing millions in downloads against yours few hundreds/thousands. To make things even worse hundreds of publishers are competing against each other who will bid more for his game to be in top 100.

If your game is not somehow unique to become viral trough word of mouth, there is nothing more that you can do than to pitch your idea to publishers. When I started with mobile game development I fail deeply because I was not aware how cruel and unfair mobile market is, so please don't do same mistakes as I did and don't waste your money for nothing.

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