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FPSC Classic Scripts / Changing player movement

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Joined: 7th Oct 2019
Posted: 7th Oct 2019 22:30
I rarely see any script or mod take on the movement mechanics. The original player movement is very stiff (especially jumping). Is there a way to change things such as jump height, acceleration, speed..., will a script do or do I need a modded FPSC?
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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
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Posted: 8th Oct 2019 22:31
Hello Koscio, and welcome
Quote: "Is there a way to change things such as jump height, acceleration, speed"

Yes, very easy to do without any mods, just regular commands. Look in your Doc's folder and you should see a .pdf named
Unofficial FPSC Syntax List. All of fpsc's commands are listed in this file, including all the player commands, and simple scripts
are all that is needed for these type of player mods. If your not familiar with .fpi scripting there is another .pdf in the Doc folder named
ocfpscguide.pdf ( Official Community Guide ) with many script examples and guides on scripting with .fpi.

Also, there is a "Search" function at the top of this forum, a simple search might result in answers to your question before posting.
Many scripts have already been posted members and might help you along ?
My games never have bugs.... they just Explosys's


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