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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [WIP] Guild Vale : 2D, MMORPG, Open and Dynamic World

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Joined: 30th Oct 2008
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Posted: 7th Oct 2019 22:46
Guild Vale is a 2D, Fantasy MMORPG in an Open and Dynamic World.

It is currently in Alpha version with lots to add still but it is very playable. It is a descendant of RPGWO and thus has similar features.

What makes it different from all the "millions" of other MMORPGs out there?
Other than a basic world with some pre-built towns and quests (like most MMORPGs), the world is dynamic and editable by players. Player run guilds will play a key role in making towns and quests, complete with NPCs. Being a dynamic world with many biomes, all plants can grow, spread and die off. The underground is also completely minable (except reserved PLOT areas) for resources. And it isn't all about combat... you can create a player with no combat skills, just trade/craft skills and play the game successfully and level at the same pace as a warrior. Not to mention they will be looking for you to make stuff for them

Current Features:
- Open and dynamic world, created procedurally
- Simple 2D artwork
- Skills based RPG
- Mining: digging underground for ore and minerals
- Harvesting: farming for food and organics
- Crafting: using gathered materials and tools to make new items (Blacksmith)
- Building: creating walls and flooring (Masonry, Carpentry)
- Melee combat
- Biomes: plains, forest, arid, mountain, artic, ocean, etc

Planned Features:
- Player run Guilds that can build towns and quests
- Magic: offensive, defensive, boosts, etc
- Alchemy for restoring, boosts and throwing weapons
- Missile combat (bows, X-bow, throwing)
- Land ownership
- Events
- Taming for pets
- Jewelry for boosts
- And much, much more.

In a village:

Out in the wild:

Near a lake:

Exploring a village sewers:

Underground, mining ore and doing some blacksmithing:

Inventory screen:

Windows client:

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Joined: 2nd May 2004
Posted: 13th Oct 2019 05:02
Wow, looks very good. I’m on my iPhone now, but will try it on my android tablet soon.

I would imagine MMORPG genre involves tons of work probably more so than any other genre.

How many work hours did you put into your game?
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Posted: 13th Oct 2019 17:05 Edited at: 13th Oct 2019 17:05

looks very nice.

Good job!

Coders don't die, they just gosub without return
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Joined: 30th Oct 2008
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Posted: 23rd Oct 2019 16:36
Thanks for the positive feedback!

How many hours? For sure any online game takes 2 to 3 times more work, since you are coding a client, server and the interface between them, plus all the extra issues online games bring (like versioning, login, chat, etc)
Guild Vale is a culmination of YEARs of work, brought together from other games and projects. So, lets say 10 hours a week, 50 weeks, for 3 years.... 1500 hours... minimum.

Not many are playing it though. Hope to get it on Googles Play Store soon.

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