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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Array operations not fast enough

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Joined: 27th Oct 2013
Posted: 21st Oct 2019 18:17
So, I've find that "array insert element" and "array delete element" can create some kind fo FPS drop when you try to update to many elements.
For example if you have big arrays for drawing lines or text sprites or any other data, which have to be changed quickly you get FPS drops while updating this stuff.
Am I doing it wrong?
I've attach project file to test it.


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Joined: 7th Apr 2007
Location: USA
Posted: 23rd Oct 2019 13:40 Edited at: 30th Mar 2022 03:49
Ya, the performance hit is really significant. Why the need to delete the array elements? Why not just make an array big enough to hold it all and just manipulate the data?

So many games to little time.


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