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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Basic Paint APP, using STUDIO. (FREE WITH SOURCE)

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Joined: 29th Aug 2017
Posted: 30th Oct 2019 01:42 Edited at: 30th Oct 2019 01:51
This actually started to test color selected from an image using Fubarpk example code

Then my grand daughter see it on the tablet, and start playing, so I decide to change a few things.
Now she can't leave it alone and just make more paintings.... might expand on it when time allows.

Full source included.
ONLY ONE REQUEST: If you do make some changes to the code/APP please share in this post

It's not perfect at all, and no code cleanup being done.

Hope it help someone

PS: (Mouse Buttons)
Left click draw
Right Click only Erase
Rightclick+Left click Rotate


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Posted: 30th Oct 2019 03:27
Nice work! I see you used the scene editor. One of these days I have to sit and figure that thing out.
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Joined: 29th Aug 2017
Posted: 30th Oct 2019 10:01
@Loktofeit Thanks

Yeah, I try to use the Scene editor as much as possible to get use to it... and everything I add I give a unique variable for later use in the code.. that's all how I get it working up to now.

But save hours on screen layouts, and to fit/scale everything.

95% of the time when the layout is done, I go back to classic. cause almost all of my APP's I export to HTML5 which Studio not supporting yet

What could be really nice, if we can have more control on the "scripting" side when in the scene editor

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