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AppGameKit Studio Chat / SendHTTPRequestASync and GetHTTPResponseReady Error Question

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Joined: 19th Apr 2017
Posted: 13th Nov 2019 20:23
I am using SendHTTPRequestASync and GetHTTPResponse to work with PlayFab for managing users and data. It is actually working quite well.

I am attempting to understand what happens when errors occur during this process.

I have verified that if the url I am connecting to is correct, but I misspell the rest method I am calling the string I get back from GetHTTPResponse is an empty string, which is easy to test for.

However, If the url is spelled incorrectly, all methods return a 1 making the connection, but the GetHTTPResponse returns na. It's not a string, it just has a value of na and testing in an if statement does not work. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this and how to test for this error condition in code.

I definitely appreciate any assistance or guidance.

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