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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Trade skills for credit or other skills?

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Joined: 6th Dec 2019
Posted: 6th Dec 2019 18:50
I need someone who is good at mapping to help me create a a few levels. The setting will be a stadium, will need to include corridors and rooms on the interior of the stadium. The Coliseum part of it will be used only 2x in the entire game. Once at the beginning to retreat from the field to the dressing room at the beginning, and once during the final boss fight at the end. This will actually only be a portion of the game, as the game will divert from the stadium. but ultimately bring you back onto the field

I will properly credit you, i can also trade my personal
Skills like cutscene editing, and voice acting, and character creation, or bg music if we come to an agreement.
Don't know if this is ok, but my email is please contact me there.

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