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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Flying Locust with stinger attack needed or Please Help Rigging and Animating Winged Insect

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Posted: 11th Dec 2019 01:17 Edited at: 11th Dec 2019 01:17
My game story requires that there occasionally be a large flying locust attack the player with it's stinger.
I found a nice model and threw a scaley texture on it and it looks pretty good, but it's not rigged, and it's obj and not really compatible with motionbuilder, and the only worthy experience i have is animating bipeds in motionbuilder that are already rigged. I spent the entire day retexturing weapon hands and editing gunspecs and I really have my work cut out for me, as i still gotta get my melee weapon into the game and do a lot of sound production.
If you have a locust that fits my needs or any otherworldly creatures that you would be willing to contribute I would be very appreciative and will credit you. I know there are tools such as creature creator and stuff but my graphics card maxes out at dx10 shader level 4 and that software requires dx11 capability.
I'm really at a loss for a locust solution that allows for my workflow to be streamlined other than coming on here and hoping someone feels christmasy enough to hook me up. If no one helps i will come back to it later and struggle through it i suppose, but yea, when i ask for something it's never something easy. lol
I'm trying to get to the playable demo stage within 2 weeks. That's kinda a tight window, but not really, when work is at home, if i can keep up the pace... I'm gonna leave this here for now and keep rocking.
Thanks ya'll


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