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Work in Progress / Open-Source: "Mortal Pongbat ™" - First Sorta Playable Alpha For HTML5 & Android!

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Posted: 18th Dec 2019 11:46

We are working on a new open-source AppGameKit game called "Mortal Pongbat ™"...
Game is inspired by the original 1970's game "Pong" and features 1-2 player simultaneous play.
(game builds on both AppGameKit Classic and AppGameKit Studio)

You can play the HTML5 Internet version at below URL webpage:
(link to Android version on Google Play is on title screen of the HTML5 version)

Full project with source and all resources can be viewed/downloaded on GitHub below:
(game features our "NightRider™" AppGameKit engine)

Let us know how we are doing, thanks!
HTML5 performance is not great, but should be OK on an "average" computer.

P.S. - Enter Secret Code: "2777" in [Options] screen to access Frames Per Second display...


Fallen Angel Software
Video Game Design Studio


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Posted: 11th Mar 2020 07:07
looks good and a great play on naming

fubarpk on Itch...………...
fubarpk on googleplay..

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