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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [WIP] Radius Visual Scripting

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Posted: 8th Jan 2020 10:26 Edited at: 8th Jan 2020 10:30
Hi all,
It's been a while since I posted anything here but I am working on a Visual Scripting tool I call "Radius". The intent is to create a visual scripting editor which can be used to create code, create software, automate processes and much more. Pretty much a Visual Scripting Editor for any programming purpose.
I wanted to make it easier for non-programmers to develop software. It's aimed at technical minded people who are good at logic but not at code (at least not yet).
It is all based on the .Net version of AppGameKit created by MadBit and is very much a work in progress but I wanted to start getting some feedback from one of my favourite communities.

So, you can use it so far to create Variables:

And to create and use Operators:

I have just started on Functions but there's not much to show as yet. Please let me know your thoughts!
I thought it might be fun (once this is working) to make a working Visual Scripting editor for AppGameKit as a first step. It should be possible I believe.

EDIT: Here is a quick look at the operators currently working:
Using AppGameKit V2 Tier 1


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Posted: 8th Jan 2020 13:26 Edited at: 8th Jan 2020 13:55
That's a great Idea baxslash
Altho I don't need for coding myself ide love to see how you get around the gate programming
One of my projects in my todo list is like a visual version of c-robots but with a gui front similar
to like what you are doing here to create a kinda script then load the programs into robots and
send them off to battle of coded ones. The main problem I was thinking is how a robot that just
turns and shoots would effectively work better sometimes than one that turns checks and if in sight
shoot otherwise turn I don't want to embed the video its your thread but here is the video of what
I have
MerryChristmas Everyone
fubarpk on Itch...………...
fubarpk on googleplay..
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Posted: 8th Jan 2020 20:26
Hi fubarpk!
Like what you have so far. I would imagine that for a game a more linear approach to your interface would work well, otherwise it might get too complex for most gamers?
One of my end goals is to make it possible to load libraries like dll's and create nodes for the classes and methods in that library so, for example we could create a Windows Forms application by loading the winforms dll...
As you might imagine it's hard to simplify overloaded methods, invoking them properly and so on but I am working on that part a little more once I have it possible to create and run functions (methods) and build classes with variables and functions built in.
There's a lot more to do before I'm done but I have a feeling it could be a really cool tool eventually.
The visual style is not necessarily final either but it works for now!!
Using AppGameKit V2 Tier 1
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Posted: 10th Jan 2020 18:49
Good to have you posting again Baxslash!

Be interesting to see how this develops. So programs will be giant network of nodes? Guessing you'll enable grouping of networks into "functions" so it doesn't look too complex?

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