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iOS and MacOS / Admob viewing and consent of privacy: something is wrong

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Joined: 13th Nov 2016
Posted: 9th Jan 2020 12:19
Hi Development Team,
I can't understand what is going on with the management of admob, I ask you for help because I have been reading posts and technical articles for 2 days (agk / apple / google / stack overflow / and many others ...).
After successfully implementing admob on Android (OverrideConsentAdMob (1)), (including inapppurchase and firebase), admob seems to not work properly with iOs.
In iOS, in the Settings-> Privacy-> Advertising section, there is the "Limit data collection" option which, if activated, effectively blocks advertising from adMob {admob server replies no adv to be shown}.
My project includes a videoreward and 1 banner (in Android it works perfectly).
To debug, I started from the example "media \ Projects \ Adverts \ Reward Videos" and, in iOS, I implemented the request for privacy consent (Using im my id PUB - xxx and the id Banner and FullScreeReward) .
This happens: If I start the example app ("Reward Videos") with AppGameKit Player, everything works properly.
If I start my App with AppGameKit Player, everything works properly.
If I compile the example App ("Reward Videos") with my provisioning profile ad_hoc, GetConsentStatusAdMob () returns a value of 1, and RequestConsentAdMob () does not open the request window that opened when the App was launched with AppGameKit Player.
My App compiled with the same ad_hoc provisioning, ignores everything and after LoadConsentStatusAdMob (szPubID, privacyPolicy), the GetConsentStatusAdMob () command always returns me 0; start RequestConsentAdMob (), but nothing happens.
For both cases, with the Apps compiled with my provisioning_ad_hoc, OverrideConsentAdMob (1) (or 2) is effectively ignored by making the advertising option decide in the iOS settings (if I disable that option, OverrideConsentAdMob works, but not RequestConsentAdMob () ).
The compiled example App, of course, is configured to use the IDs of my App and my ad_hoc profile file.
Where am I doing wrong?
Also, how can I customize the consent request window?
Thank you
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Posted: 5th Mar 2020 02:12
In your admob setting, did you create an ad for IOS platform?

To be honest, I only used admob for google play and amazon.

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