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Joined: 13th Jun 2007
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Posted: 1st Feb 2020 02:42 Edited at: 1st Feb 2020 02:44
As part of my work on this project, I needed to improve the beat detection on OGG/MP3 music, as it was easy to add audio cues to MOD tracks for this, but we have a lesser library of source material there.
So, I added a FFT function to my plugin and managed to get a first effort FFT spectrum. The function can take a param for the amount of bands and it returns peaks for each band. Unfortunately, I have to call the function for every band because I can't pass data back to AppGameKit memblocks or even return a string, so it has to be one band at a time for now.
I think this is a good first effort and will suffice for isolating certain frequencies which I was initially interested in.

The top boxes are stereo peaks, which was all I was working with on this. I should be able to get some more fidelity now.

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Posted: 1st Feb 2020 02:49
Well done
MerryChristmas Everyone
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Joined: 13th Jun 2007
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Posted: 1st Feb 2020 02:54
There's a lot of potential for this. A lot of games these days are based on music.
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Posted: 19th Feb 2020 10:51
nice music beats
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Posted: 19th Feb 2020 14:12
congrats on this project, really good stuff
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Posted: 24th Feb 2020 03:57
Can you write into memory and pass a pointer back to agk?
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