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Joined: 24th Feb 2005
Location: nm usa
Posted: 15th Feb 2020 02:28 Edited at: 15th Feb 2020 02:39

Here is a toolbar for building your applications with. It is modular so it should be able to be dropped into any existent programs without conflict minus the possibility of variable name conflicts. No known bugs glitches or errors currently.
How to use? put code below into your program than copy the bulky second code into a bank agc file and save it as toolbar.agc put it in your program directory beside your main and your good to go. toolbar will scale if window size changes.

copy into toolbar.agc

#constant Parentnums determines how many parent you can build adding more parent items to the menu this number must be increased. any question just ask
Enjoy or can just download atttached file


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Joined: 8th Sep 2002
Location: UK
Posted: 16th Feb 2020 19:04
Looks good I can see several uses for something like this
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Joined: 6th Sep 2011
Location: Australia
Posted: 9th Mar 2020 10:56
How would I make an image browser for my map editor?
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Joined: 29th Aug 2017
Posted: 10th Mar 2020 04:31
Thanks for Sharing @Smerf

If TGC can give a a decent GUI system, AppGameKit will be one of my faviorite APP's

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